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About Stein & Flugge

Stein & Flugge, LLP is a small, highly-experienced law firm that provides its clients with legal services in both business transactions and litigation. We represent clients in the California state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels. We have substantial experience in completing particularly difficult business transactions and in resolving, either by settlement or trial, challenging and complex business litigation. We work closely with our clients and their general counsel to reach solutions and resolutions that might not otherwise seem attainable. We combine the one-on-one close client contact unique to the small firm environment with the sophistication and expertise of a large-scale practice.

Stein & Flugge, LLP frequently works with clients and their legal representatives who are resident outside of Los Angeles, including those domiciled outside of the United States. We enjoy working closely with a client's local counsel and enlisting local counsel's expertise and experience to enhance our ability to expeditiously and effectively represent the client in the Los Angeles area.

We believe strongly in placing the interests of our clients first and foremost, and in providing legal services of the highest and most ethical quality.